Where did all of these Plasmid Ninjas come from?

The Plasmid Ninjas take pride in going ahead of everyone else, doing our jobs quickly and quietly and making sure the coast is clear for you to charge ahead with your research. We’re not just disease, disorder and medical condition warriors, either; we’re also scientists. While vanity has no place in the Plasmid Ninja code, we admit to being very good at producing precisely what our clients need. 

Your work might require the services and expertise of Maxi, Mega or Giga, or it might call for a combination of two or more of us. Whatever your needs amount to, we transform DH5alpha with your DNA of choice and grow it under routine conditions. Then we isolate the DNA and conduct UV Spectroscopy analysis for concentration and 260/280 ratio.

Let’s move your research forward today! 

Meet the Plasmid.com Ninjas


Maxi Plasmid Ninja

You can expect tremendous things from the compact package that is Maxi. In fact, her motto for life is, big things result from small actions.” Her everyday motivation is to live up to that. Maxi is fast, efficient and frugal, but she has the courage of a lioness. She’s always willing to try something new, and deep down, she aspires to one day be the leader of the Plasmid Ninjas. Maxi only handles 1 mg of plasmid DNA at a time, so if your research calls for small amounts or you just want to give us a test run, Maxi’s the ideal Plasmid Ninja for you. 

A plasmid.com maxi prep is $99.


Mega Plasmid Ninja

Mega constantly strives for balance in life; he equally values work and play, processes and outcomes, expectations and results. Mega is equal parts confidence, diligence and efficiency, and the results are plasmid DNA yields of up to 4 mg. Not too big, not too small, but just right... just like Mega. If this is the amount of plasmid DNA you seek, Mega's ready to serve!  

A plasmid.com mega prep is $250.


Giga Plasmid Ninja

Giga’s his name and up to 10 mg of plasmid DNA is his game. Proficiency, quality and speed are part of his skillset, just like the other Plasmid Ninjas, but Giga’s stature keeps him above all the others. He’s the big man on our campus, but he never lets it go to his head. Giga will lead the way to almost anywhere your research needs to go. Need 10 mg of plasmid DNA? Giga’s your man!  

A plasmid.com giga prep is $450.

Dr. Plasmid Ninja

Dr. Plasmid (a.k.a., Dr. P) is our philosopher-warrior. As the leader of the Plasmid Ninjas, he watches diligently to ensure each member of our team is performing our duties efficiently, precisely and quickly. Wisdom is woven tightly into Dr. P’s own DNA, so he’s continuously contemplating new and exciting ways to help gene therapy and DNA vaccine researchers. He also seeks input and new viewpoints from others to improve or add versatility to his team, so please share any feedback or ideas you might have!  

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