Where did all of these plasmid ninjas come from?

They’ve actually been here all along, you just haven’t seen them... on account of them being ninjas and all. Because the plasmid ninjas are a nice bunch, they decided to slow down just enough to make an appearance.

Not coincidentally, the plasmid ninjas are also scientists - and very proficient ones at that. They make plasmid DNA, they are fast, and they are for hire. While the plasmid ninjas share most of their plasmid ninja traits, three have been selected to represent the different plasmid.com DNA prep options: Maxi, Mega, and Giga.

All plasmid.com plasmid ninjas create high quality plasmid DNA suitable for any application. DH5alpha is transformed with your DNA of choice and grown under routine conditions. DNA is isolated and spec analysis is completed for concentration and 260/280 ratio.

Meet the plasmid.com ninjas


Maxi Plasmid Ninja

Maxi may be small, but she is as fast and efficient as any plasmid ninja. She is frugal and a fan of testing the waters. Maxi secretly aspires to be the leader of the plasmid ninjas when she grows up - she knows big things result from small actions. Because Maxi only makes up to 1 mg of plasmid DNA at a time, some may say she isn’t focused - but that is not the case at all! She just likes to keep moving onto the next big thing. If your research calls for small amounts of plasmid DNA or you just want to test the plasmid.com waters, Maxi is your ninja!

A plasmid.com maxi prep is $99.


Mega Plasmid Ninja

Mega lives a very balanced lifestyle both in play and in work. Don’t say it to his (or her?) face, but rumor has it Mega’s nickname is Goldilocks. It is understandable as his (or her) scienc-ey ninja art yields up to 4 mg of plasmid DNA... not too big, not too small. Mega would say it is just right. Mega is equally confident, diligent, and efficient. Sometimes the job only requires up to 4 mg of plasmid DNA and Mega is perfectly okay with that. If this sounds like the kind of job you need, Mega is for you.

A plasmid.com mega prep is $250.


Giga Plasmid Ninja

Giga, the only tattooed plasmid ninja, doesn’t beat around the bush. Giga is his name and up to 10 mg of plasmid DNA is his game. Just like the other plasmid ninjas, proficiency, quality, and speed are also his game... but size is pretty much his unique thing (that and the tattoo, of course). If you know that up to 10 mg of plasmid DNA is what you need - don’t beat around the bush, hire Giga today! If you need even more than 10 mg of plasmid DNA, Giga might know someone who can help you out with that.

A plasmid.com giga prep is $450.

Dr. Plasmid Ninja

Dr. Plasmid Ninja (or “Dr. P” as Maxi affectionately calls him) is the leader of the plasmid ninjas. While the ninjas are diligently performing their duties under his watch, the Dr. is always looking for new and exciting ways to help gene therapy and DNA vaccine researchers accomplish their goals. Occasionally he also has to caution Maxi about copyright infringement, but for the most part Dr. Plasmid is a strong believer in goal synergy. That is why he developed the three plasmid.com DNA prep options. Dr. Plasmid Ninja is wise but he doesn’t pretend to have the perfect solutions for everyone. If the plasmid.com options are close but not quite what you are looking for - he would love to hear your thoughts.

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