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Q: Where do I send my starter material?

The labs are located at 4837 Amber Valley Parkway, Fargo ND, USA 58104 and Waltershofener Str. 17 79111 Freiburg, Germany.


Q: Do you only accept plasmid DNA as starting material?

While we do prefer plasmid DNA (ideally 1µg or more) as starting material, we will gladly accept glycerol stocks shipped to us frozen on dry ice. We will also accept starting material in the form of plates, stabs, or filter paper.


Q: What if I have a low-yielding or unstable plasmid?

If you suspect your plasmid may be low-yielding, unstable, or otherwise abnormally tricky-to-scale, please contact us. Your material may be better suited for a high-end customized service.


Q. Can I use for plasmids that are not ampicillin or kanamycin resistant? service and the unKit are only designed to handle Amp or Kan resistant material. Please contact us for custom plasmid quotation if you require a different resistance.


Q. I need my pDNA in a different buffer / at a certain concentration / with additional Quality Control testing. Can I customize my service?

No, but we can still help. Contact us if you require custom services.


Q: What is the difference between standard service and the unKit? as a service: As a service, DNA preps are contracted on an as-need basis and are billed via purchase order or credit card upon completion. Return shipping is not included with the cost of standard preps. as an unKit: With the unKit, 20 or 100 DNA preps are purchased up front at a bulk-buy discount. unKits include free return shipping of your ready-to-use DNA. There is no additional billing after the unKit is purchased.


Q: Standard preps are returned with my plasmid name. unKit preps are returned with a code. Why is that?

For each standard prep, information needs to be collected (including plasmid name, payment information, shipping information, etc.). Orders are billed upon prep completion. The plasmid name essentially has to be manually entered into the system because of that process.

Because unKit preps are paid for in advance, there is no way to encode custom information with the unKit labels packaged with each kit. These coded labels are key components to the process that allow for the bulk discount advantage each unKit offers. unKits coded labels are part of a larger “piggy back” label that act as a convenient tracking receipt for our clients.


Q: How much material do I need to send?

1µg of plasmid DNA is an ideal amount of starting material. We will also accept glycerol stocks (shipped to us frozen on dry ice), plates, stabs, or filter paper.


Q: Does the unKit expire?

No, the unKit will not expire.


Q: I’ve lost/damaged my unKit labels, what do I do?

The coded labels are a very important component of the unKit. When the unKit is purchased, the coded labels are linked to you and your shipping address. If your labels are lost or damaged, please contact us to coordinate replacements.


Q: Is only available in the United States?

Standard preps are available to a world-wide client base. Processing/shipping costs and turnaround times vary depending upon your location. unKits and unKit preps are available to clients within the United States and Canada. manufacturing is located in the United States and Germany


Q: What if I need more than 1 mg of DNA, or if I need a guaranteed quantity?

You may order multiple preps of the same plasmid; however, the total yield is not guaranteed. If you do require a guaranteed quantity, or if you have a low-yielding/unstable plasmid, a custom order may cost less than ordering multiple preps and better suit your needs. Contact us directly for a custom quotation.


Q: Can I transfer or resell my unKit to another lab?

When unKits are purchased, the uniquely coded unKit labels are linked to an address you specify (normally the purchasing account). If you are interested in changing this linked address after an unKit has been purchased, please contact us.


Q: What if my lab changes address or if I transfer to another location?

Please contact with your new shipping address, and we will update your account information. We will also give you the option to transfer your unKit to a colleague, if preferred. Standard preps are not affected.


Q: Can I divide/share my unKit with another lab?

If circumstances arise in which a few unKit preps need to be shipped to an address other than the one we have on file, please contact us to make arrangements.


Q: Do I need to use the padded envelopes included with my unKit?

No. The padded envelopes are included only as a convenience. You can use these or your own shipping supplies to send sample material. For customers within the United States, pre-paid and pre-labeled overnight shipping envelopes are available from for $30 each. Multiple samples can be included with each shipment. Please remember to ship glycerol stocks on dry ice.


Q: Can I order unKit plasmid quantities other than packages of 20 or 100 preps?

unKits are only available in 20 and 100 prep sizes. If you require unKits in larger quantities, please contact us.


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