About plasmid.com

Plasmid.com is powered by Aldevron, a leading global provider of plasmid manufacturing services. Aldevron has completed thousands of projects for many of the world’s top research institutions and has developed unsurpassed expertise in producing high-quality DNA. Using proprietary technology, DNA is manufactured for a wide range of research, preclinical, clinical, and diagnostic applications.

Service and quality

For research and preclinical work requiring a quick convenient source for small amounts of plasmids, plasmid.com offers a cost-effective purification and amplification solution. Whether a single prep or hundreds of preps, plasmid.com offers the most unique ordering, tracking and return shipment options.

Compare costs

Thousands of maxipreps are processed at a typical institution annually. Purchasing those kits is just where the spending starts. Plasmid.com kits save researchers and institutions time with quick ship labels, enhance repeatability by providing reliability and consistency. 

Beyond kits

Rather than taking the extra step of using traditional kits, we prepare your plasmid DNA with a proprietary, industrial scale, highly consistent, quality controlled process that leads to superior transfection.


Need additional services? Plasmid.com can upgrade any orders to Aldevron's custom service in order to meet any custom requirement for QC specifications, large volume or clinical grade needs. Selecting plasmid.com means you are selecting a vendor who can help you no matter what, both today and in the future.

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