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Option 1 - Enter your sample info below:

To place your order enter the sample name, antibiotic resistance, scale, and the quantity of preps you would like performed.
Have more than 10 samples?
  Sample Name Resistance Scale Preps

Option 2 - Upload a CSV:

(Please use only CSV files formatted as indicated in the sample template)

Use the form above to upload a CSV file containing all your plasmid prep information. The file should be formatted into four columns in the following order: Sample Name, Resistance, Scale, and Preps. A header row is not required but the columns should be in the same order as they appear in the image below. For your convenience we have prepared a sample CSV template for you to use.
Antibiotic resistance is limited to Ampicillin or Kanamycin. You can indicate the resistance by using either the full antibiotic name, the first three letters, or just the first letter of the antibiotic.

Option 3 - Order by mail:

Download and complete the plasmid.com PDF order form. This form can be downloaded and filled out right from your computer.

After completing the information, print a copy of the pdf and include it with the sample material you will be sending to the plasmid.com labs.

You can either send the completed form and sample material directly to the plasmid.com labs, or you can call a plasmid.com Client Support Representative to have them enter your sample information into our database before the material is sent.

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Please give us a call.
+1 (701) 499-7312

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Or another option - unKits!:

Pay less per prep and receive free return shipping. Give your purchasing department a break by buying an unKit. The only way it could get easier is if DNA made itself! Still not sure what an unKit is all about? Click here for a preview. Or to jump directly to the unKit order page, click here.
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Have more than 10 samples?

After you enter 10 samples and click "Add to Cart", from the following screen you will be able to return to this screen to add 10 more. You can continue to add samples this way as necessary. If you have a very large amount of samples you may want to use the "Upload a CSV" feature (2nd column on order page). If you would prefer to email a spreadsheet, contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

plasmid.com DNA preps
as a service...

As a service, DNA preps are contracted on an as-need basis and are billed via purchase order or credit card upon completion. Return shipping is not included with the cost of standard Plasmid.com preps.

plasmid.com DNA preps
in an unKit...

With the unKit, 20 or 100 Plasmid.com DNA preps are purchased up front at a bulk-buy discount. unKits include free return shipping of your ready-to-use DNA. There is no additional billing after the unKit is purchased.