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If your starter material can arrive at the plasmid.com labs by 1:00 PM central standard time, we can begin processing your order that day!
Low yielding sample?
Plasmid.com knows that some plasmids require extra care, which is why we offer custom service discounts for superior plasmid optimization. Ask us whether this is right for you.

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DNA (1µg) with a concentration of at least 20 ng/µl is transformed into the DH5alpha strain of E.coli at 37˚C.

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Clone Selection
Transformed cells are plated on agar plates containing the appropriate antibiotic that the plasmid confers resistance to. Antibiotic options at plasmid.com are ampicillin or kanamycin. A single colony is selected and used to inoculate enriched media.

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The culture is grown overnight at 37˚C in plasmid.com’s secure controlled-setting shaker. After the cells have completed their growth time, the cells are harvested by centrifugation.

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The harvested cell paste will undergo an alkaline lysis event. The plasmid DNA is then purified using plasmid.com’s proprietary, endotoxin-free, anion exchange chromatography process.

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UV Spectroscopy
The pure plasmid DNA collected is resuspended in a set volume of 10 mM Tris at a pH 8.0. Plasmid.com’s quality control entails UV spectroscopy for reporting of the concentration and OD 260/280 ratio of the plasmid on the label of the final deliverable vial.