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Meet Melissa Bisek, Your Plasmid Purification Specialist.
Do you have any questions about plasmid.com? Want to place an order over the phone? Melissa Bisek will be happy to assist you.
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email or call anytime. +1 (701) 499-7312

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Note! Address Change.
Please send your plasmid.com starter material and correspondence to the address below:

4837 Amber Valley Parkway
Fargo, ND 58104

(The old address will still work, but your order may be delayed)
Purchase Order # not ready? No Problem!
We understand that sometimes you may have a purchasing agent call after placing an order. If this is the case, you can enter "Incoming" in the PO# field you will see during the checkout process. We will be happy to get your order started and work out the payment details later. If you are more comfortable placing large orders over the phone, don't hesitate to call: (701) 499-7312.

Up to 1 mg high quality DNA

MAXI scale prep


Up to 10 mg high quality DNA

GIGA scale prep


Up to 4 mg high quality DNA

MEGA scale prep


Order online or on phone.
You can start your order online today, or we can help you start your order, or answer any questions, over the phone (+1 (701) 499-7312).
DNA delivered
Along with some basic information we only need ≈1µg of starter material and as little as 72 hours to complete production. 1 or 2 day return delivery options are available.
Low yielding sample?
Plasmid.com knows that some plasmids require extra care, which is why we offer custom service discounts for superior plasmid optimization. Ask us whether this is right for you.
PO# not quite ready?
If you do not have a blanket PO, please put "Incoming" in the PO# field when checking out. You can send us the PO when it is generated or you can call with CC info.

Ordering from EU?
Plasmid.com has a lab in Freiburg Germany ready to help your research today. Visit eu.plasmid.com for Euro pricing and ordering options. The Freiburg lab can be contacted at +49-(0)761-45636-0.

plasmid.com DNA preps
as a service...

As a service, DNA preps are contracted on an as-need basis and are billed via purchase order or credit card upon completion. Return shipping is not included with the cost of standard Plasmid.com preps.

plasmid.com DNA preps
in an unKit...

With the unKit, 20 or 100 Plasmid.com DNA preps are purchased up front at a bulk-buy discount. unKits include free return shipping of your ready-to-use DNA. There is no additional billing after the unKit is purchased.